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The recruitment industry has been around for a long time, but it has improved greatly in the last few years. With digitalisation, a more flexible recruitment process, and a diverse set of expectations from job seekers, recruitment has evolved into what it is today: a welcoming and growing environment.

Despite the bad myths about the industry, there are many people who have built incredibly successful careers and lives there. While a job provides a salary and benefits package, a place to go where you can accomplish your tasks, a career provides long-term financial security and growth opportunities.

Here are 6 reasons why recruitment is a career and not just another job: 

  1. It’s diverse enough

You can do recruitment for absolutely any industry and learn different things from each. Speaking to new people every day, learning about different career paths and what motivates these people will bring new learning curves.

     2. The people

This is a great opportunity to meet people who could make an impact on your life over the long term, such as your colleagues, managers, directors, or seniors. Plus, a lot of recruiters have interesting hobbies and strong personalities.

    3. The financial side

With us, you are getting a generous straightforward commission structure plus base salary. Many recruitment agencies have very successful earners in their teams, and we know recruiters who earn 100K in a year. As a general rule, the better you are at recruitment, the more money you will earn.

   4. Learning never stops

Recruiters thrive in fast-paced environments where there is constant motivation, action, and a structured career path. The training process at Capio, for example, is open to everyone, not only the trainee recruiters. Our Senior Recruiters also participate in the training and that is how you learn from the best.

   5. Recruitment is a great option for graduates

Not only we are looking for qualified candidates to place with our clients but we also need people interested in becoming recruiters themselves. Passionate, ambitious professionals who can build connections, negotiate and influence, solve problems, and manage relationships are in high demand.