5 Tips To Ease Your Return To The Office By Cristina Dragan

The Pandemic changed everything in terms of how we work and how we interact with others. A huge amount of people will not go back to the office because working from home turned out to be the suitable work environment for them. Working from home has helped people with anxiety, social anxiety or depression deal better with their workload. Some people can focus better alone in their own space and manage their own time but others thrive while having social interactions and being a part of a team.

At Capio, we support our teams to integrate both working styles and benefit from a healthy balance. In the office, we try to create a welcoming atmosphere. For example, we listen to music that is to everyone's taste, we work together to reach targets and grow not only career wise but also on a personal level. 

Socialising is a part of our day but that doesn’t mean that we don’t support working from home. We all had that type of day when you really need to focus on your work alone in your own space and of course, in your pyjamas, right?

How are other companies dealing with this so-called Workspace Revolution?

Capio's Tips For The Big Office Return

  1. Communicate your needs with your managers and team members. In the end, it is not in your superior’s interests to have an unhappy employee that is struggling with anxiety while being in the office. 
  2. Bring a little bit of your home to the office. Your favourite mug, some comfort snacks, a pillow, a plant or hey! Even a blanket! As long as you are ticking the tasks off your to-do list, help yourself while helping others.
  3. Don’t forget we are supposed to socialise for a healthy lifestyle. Taking the first step in a conversation with your new co-worker can be nerve-wrecking but we promise that some of the best friendships come from work.
  4. Manage your time correctly in order to get things done. Productivity is a big subject in 2021 and we believe organising your day correctly can save you from feeling stressed and covered in tasks and emails.
  5. Make the most of your breaks. Your break is the time to relax, eat or have a warm drink, socialise or not with your colleagues or just check-in with your loved ones. We like going for exercise in our break and eating together.


The workspace revolution contributed to major changes in small or large businesses around the world and at Capio, it challenged our flexibility and productivity levels in a positive way. Preserving a healthy balance can increase the fruits of your labour but also do not forget to communicate your needs and take the right steps to ease your office experience!