Recruiter Spotlight


Every month, we take a recruiter out for coffee to give you a better understanding of how life at Capio is and how our recruiters can best help you in your job search.

Our focus for April is on Laura Witcher, a hardworking delivery consultant on the Insurance desk. Laura is known for her friendly and comforting manner when dealing with candidates. In addition, she is an expert on handling expectations and matching professionals with the right roles.

Find out more about Laura’s journey at Capio and her best tips for a successful career with us:

Can you describe your journey at Capio so far and how long you have been here?

 I’ve been here 6 months and have recently passed my probation. I came in as a Senior Delivery Consultant and Insurance Administrator which involves managing the accounts, filling roles as well as helping the MD with any admin needs.

What truly motivates you in your career?

My short-term goal is going travelling in July and my long-term career goal is to become a manager so I can manage my own team, get involved in the team’s development, and be the best recruiter I can be.

What is the working culture like at Capio? How fast have you experienced success in your role?

The culture is encompassing and welcoming, there is no segmentation, and everyone is encouraged to succeed. Everyone gets the tools they need to be able to succeed. The directors are very approachable and friendly so you can get your ideas heard. We have a strong focus on wellbeing and a lot of social events.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires a lot of groundwork it’s taking me 6 months to see the fruits of my work. Now I got here so I can see the fruits of my success.

What do you advise someone who wants to be a recruiter?

I would keep in mind your long-term goals as recruitment is not a short-term career. I believe in consistency and hard work will pay off eventually. Everyone is different and will learn at different speeds. You must be like a sponge, soak everything up from your peers and managers, take everything on board, and don’t be afraid to get it wrong the first time around. Be resilient.

What part of the recruitment process do you find the most challenging?

Finding and sourcing candidates but if you are good at networking and building relationships you can make it. If you are not skilled at building relationships, it will be challenging. It can be tough when you have a week of nos and the hardest bit is dealing with rejection, candidates not showing up for interviews or counteroffers.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing as a delivery consultant?

Being a delivery consultant means you have to multitask a lot and work on many things at once, so you have to know how to prioritise. You have to give everyone a fair amount of time and manage expectations. I believe I became good at multitasking and managing expectations, I have a very friendly but forward approach.

What interests you the most in the insurance industry?

I’ve worked in many industries, and the insurance industry always seems to be full of friendly people, and since I know the market quite well, I can make connections faster and communicate easier.

What is your biggest tip for a successful career in recruitment?

Be consistent. Be resilient. Focus on your goals

What are employers looking for the most now?

The clients are looking for people who are open to change, who are interested in learning more, have insurance qualifications, are flexible and who can deal with fast changes.

What are candidates interested in when looking for a new role in the current market?

 The prospect of hybrid working, work-life balance, and employers who are willing to support them through their education. People still care about salaries, but fewer people move jobs for pay increases, they move for progression or flexibility.

Tell us something about you that we don’t know.

I opened a cake business during the lockdown, which was successful in the short term. We had a great Instagram page, and I was very involved. It’s great because I love baking.

What do you like to do outside of work? Can hobbies make you better at your job?

I absolutely love city breaks! Taking time off for myself is very important and helps me focus on work, I always have to motivate myself with little trips. I do like to exercise as well, keeping fit and healthy really is a big factor.