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How well does your company attract and retain top talent? From an employer’s perspective, the most valuable assets to your team are the high performers who go overboard in showing their interest in the company and have an unlimited drive in hitting the team’s goals. Many companies are experiencing a shortage of qualified staff in the current climate, which has made it difficult to find top talent.

From an employee’s point of view, a lot of companies had to change their ways and alter their recruitment process post-COVID. In a highly competitive world, expectations have grown.

In this article, we’ll explore a few ways to improve your business strategy and hire top talent:

Build a strong company culture while hiring more top talent

When your company has a development plan in place and some tight goals to achieve, you are more likely to meet those goals by hiring top talent rather than average talent, but finding these gems is not easy. Brilliant quality candidates are worth the investment. Hiring top talent will further your business goals and you will gain ground on your competitors. Taking on graduates or entry-level employees with strong transferable skills and a good cultural fit will strengthen the values of the team and the culture of the office.

Source: “McKinsey Global Survey: War for talent 2020”

Using a specialist recruitment company can make it easier

There are more than 27,700 recruitment agencies in the UK in 2021. How many of these are specialists and how many will go overboard to become an outsourced partner for the business instead of a salesperson? At Capio, we know that top talent is the most wanted right now. We have access to a large number of excellent candidates and that makes it easier for you too. When you are hiring for your business, you are taking time away from the desk to source people, to interview, to contact, and to deal with a bunch of “not-so-fun” recruitment aspects. When you decide to use a recruitment agency that can match you with top talent people, you can focus on your business while the recruiter will use his strategy and knowledge to find the right fit.

Happy business, happy staff

To retain is to satisfy. As per the image above, great leaders will inspire and empower their teams, a good company will build a strong reputation and make contributions to society. Everyone wants to have a great job, to grow, to progress, and to build lifelong connections but in the current climate, nothing is certain. The best talent is now unreachable, and companies are unable to offer better pay, better benefits, or growth opportunities. The size of your business does not affect the competitive environment. Small businesses are now in trend because of their “happy culture” and perks. Even though average performers may be more interested in rewards, top talent performers will want to know more about your organization. Do you support great causes? Have you won any awards? What volunteer activities do you engage in, or do you arrange lively company socials?

Is overpromising the killer of top talent?

You can find top talent employees through the help of a professional recruiter, but the main objective is to keep them with the company over the long run. In many cases, people undergo life changes that they can’t control, so they move on to something better or totally different. You are the one that has the final say in hiring a candidate and by asking the right questions you may be able to assess their intentions. In the rush of finding someone that can do the job, we might overlook these aspects and overpromise things we can’t achieve.

Focus on the best aspects of your business instead of overpromising. Retention efforts are critical when the competition is just around the corner!


Take care of your current employees, engage your audience, and utilize specialized recruitment agencies to find the best talent