In a recent podcast episode, Chris Birtle, the Director at Capio Recruitment and Head of the People Team, shared invaluable insights into his multifaceted role that spans talent acquisition, learning, development, sales, marketing, and technology oversight. This blog will delve into the key highlights from the discussion, covering topics ranging from company culture and inclusivity to personal branding and the evolving landscape of recruitment.


Establishing a Company Culture Aligned with Values:

Chris underscored the critical role of aligning company culture with business strategy and core values. He emphasised the importance of creating an inclusive environment that goes beyond superficial diversity metrics. The conversation touched on unconscious bias as a significant hurdle to achieving true inclusivity, shedding light on gender imbalances in traditionally male-dominated sectors.


Learning from Mistakes: Feedback and Adaptability:

An illustrative incident discussed during the podcast highlighted the significance of feedback and adaptability. Chris shared a past issue where women were unintentionally excluded from an activity on International Women’s Day. The feedback received prompted crucial changes, emphasising the need for openness to adapt and improve, especially in areas related to inclusivity and diversity.


The Future of Recruitment and Embracing Technology:

Discussing the future of recruitment, Chris noted the enduring importance of work ethic and motivation, even in the face of technological advancements like AI. He acknowledged the transformative impact of personal branding on LinkedIn and its benefits for consultancy and recruitment. Addressing the common fear of low engagement when posting on LinkedIn, Chris urged resilience, emphasising the long-term benefits of consistent efforts.


Continuous Improvement and Inclusivity in Business Practices:

The podcast conversation extended beyond recruitment, touching on broader organisational aspects. Chris stressed the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives into training modules to enhance the overall learning experience. He highlighted ongoing efforts to implement and refine the ‘RAMP’ career development framework, aligning career progression with culture code scores, competency goals, and financial objectives.


Core Values in Decision Making and Fostering Feedback Culture:

Maintaining the integrity of the company’s values and behaviors, especially during challenging times, emerged as a key theme. Chris emphasised the need for a culture that encourages feedback and vulnerability. Strategies to speed up learning and adaptability were discussed, urging managers to be approachable to facilitate open discussions with their team members.


Personal Branding for Professional Growth:

The conversation concluded with a call to continue developing and increasing the use of personal branding within the company. Chris expressed a commitment to assisting others with their content, emphasising the effectiveness of this strategy for professional growth.


In Conclusion:

Chris’s insights offer a roadmap for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment and fostering a workplace culture that prioritises inclusivity, adaptability, and continuous improvement. As we embrace the future of work, these lessons serve as valuable guideposts for both recruiters and job seekers alike.