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The Minister for Women launches initiatives in honor of International Women’s Day aimed at closing the gender pay gap. Employers participating in the pilot program will publish salaries in all job advertisements in order to close wage gaps.

The initiative means that many employers will be encouraged to hire more women, promote pay transparency in job adverts, and simplify the application process which often is an obstacle for women who are not able to negotiate their salaries fairly.

Further, the Government will launch a new program to help women re-enter STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). After a period of caregiving, returning to a STEM role can be challenging. Training, development, and employment support will be provided to help employers hire and retain talented employees with gaps in their CVs.

At Capio, we are great advocates for closing existing pay gaps and achieving gender equality. We have asked 3 of our colleagues to share their personal perspectives on this news:

“From my side, I agree that we should be advertising salaries rather than putting “depending on experience” as I feel it allows for the gender pay gap to be addressed from an external point of view. It’s disappointing that anyone is treated any differently to anyone else for any reason other than experience – we should be in a position where things are equal and opportunities are equal for all and not stunted due to outdated essentially medieval views and sexism. Personally, I will make a conscious effort to address this to my end and ensure all salary levels are advertised fairly.” Harvey Gordon, Insurance Recruitment Consultant 

“All I care about is fairness in the workplace and for women to not be discriminated against and it’s upsetting to see that it is still happening in today’s workplace and more should be done in terms of stamping this out. A great way to implement equality is having open and honest conversations with people about salaries or challenging the subject if you feel you are not being paid the same without the fear of losing your job. “ Laura Witcher, Delivery Consultant – Insurance Desk 

“I believe the initiative launched by the Minister Of Women is a hugely positive step towards a better employment market. It’s so unfair to include factors such as gender, race, or sexuality in employment decisions. Many businesses are making substantial changes in how they hire, and more people are speaking up on social media about gender inequalities. For example, men are now more comfortable taking paternity leave, giving women the opportunity to manage a family while continuing to work. When it comes to salaries, I have never applied for a position that does not mention the salary, since if the names of my previous employers are on my CV, same as other details, so too should the benefits package offered. Ultimately, the goal of a career is to fulfill you financially and professionally, and not to put you down on the basis of your gender or old school beliefs.”Cristina Dragan, Marketing Executive