‘Good Bye Chew Valley, Hello Bristol City Centre!’ By Tom Webster

We wanted to give all of our followers and anyone interested in Capio Recruitment a quick update on the year thus far… Last Friday the team waved goodbye to our first office and a place we have called home for the last four months.

Whilst it has been sad to wave goodbye to the amazing office space we were lucky enough to have offered to us (free of charge none the less!), the time has come for us to forge ahead with our ambitious growth plans. We are incredibly excited to announce that the next big leap in the Capio journey has seen us go from a four desk summer house to a beautiful serviced office space in the centre of Bristol, just off Park Street and behind the well known Hippodrome Theatre. Capio Recruitment is now based in Orchard Street Business Centre, 13 Orchard St, Bristol, BS1 5EH!

Putting to bed the natural nerves surrounding Bristol City Centre office costs, we are incredibly excited about what this means for our day to day jobs and the future success of Capio. In the first five days alone we have seen a huge increase in productivity, reduced commute times, longer hours and more time at our desks, working hard for both our clients and candidates – and not to mention the fact this move will allow us to grow and recruit ourselves.

I’ve worked from 7am until 12am every day in January and my fellow Capio Directors have also come into January with stronger, reinvigorated attitudes that are conducive of an amazing working environment.

There have been client visits, new terms of business agreed, placements, and some exciting conversations regarding 2020 recruitment plans!

We have also agreed to support a fantastic Bristol based charity this month - Unique Voice. A big thank you goes here to Daniel Ford for introducing us to the work he is undertaking for such a worthwhile cause.

If you have not heard of Unique Voice before, please check out what they are doing. In short, the Charity aims to support children from ages 5-11 who have had adverse experiences in life https://uniquevoice.org/

New office photos to come and if I can find time, a blog about our new space!

If you haven’t been in touch with Capio Recruitment yet and want to have the support of a hard-working professional and highly experienced team, please do get in touch!