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The main challenge in the legal recruitment sector has been the change in people’s work-life balance. As a result, the market is constantly evolving and changing to maintain societal standards. There is a big change in employee expectations, for example, more lawyers are looking for flexibility instead of financial rewards.

What does this mean for legal recruitment? There is no doubt that the market is highly competitive. As a result of the migration of talent, candidates are able to demand better packages, and law firms are exerting pressure to secure and retain talented attorneys.

Work-life balance

Suddenly, the strict office hours have turned into more time for personal goals and family. Remote working gives lawyers the opportunity to go to the gym, pick up the kids from school and get some work done later in the day. 

AI revolution in law firms

AI is being used in the legal industry to automate and streamline the process of document drafting, discovery, and contract review.

The legal industry is starting to see the benefits of AI, which is being seen as a way to automate and streamline many of their tasks. This includes review, drafting and discovery. This can help your law firm to cut costs on red tape and keep the process streamlined.

AI can offer a number of helpful benefits to lawyers, including helping them find cases and analyze data more efficiently. It is also changing the way that lawyers are finding research data.

Wellbeing as priority

Remote working removes the pressure of long commutes, harried office environments, and culture of ‘work all day and no play. After experimenting with a more balanced approach to life, many lawyers are no longer interested in returning to the exhausting office environment.

Lawyers are more interested in their quality of life than before. Money might not be enough to make them want to return to the office.

Culture FIRST

In addition to offering support, trust, and fairness, the company culture should also enhance their lifestyle. Culture must be something to be proud of. Lawyers’ goal is not just to work at another law firm, but to be a part of something bigger.