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We’re seriously into clear communication and a streamlined recruitment process so we want to answer all of your questions and a popular one among job seekers is “how can a recruitment agency help me find the right job”. 

In this article, we discuss our process in more detail.

Here’s how Capio Recruitment can help you find your next employer:

  • Your resume will be closely looked at by our specialists
  • Time for a call to get to know you better, find out what you are looking for and what your best skills are
  • You will only be connected to relevant companies that match your requirements 
  • Our network of clients is diverse and has expanded a lot over the years
  • We keep in touch to make sure you know what the next steps are
  • We offer interview preparation and tailored advice regarding your resume, your expectations, and different roles
  • Capio manage the entire process from start to your first day in the new role
  • Most of the time, we go above and beyond to overdeliver when it comes to your salary expectations
  • We part ways but not forever – we tend to keep in touch with all of our candidates even after they’ve been placed in their new roles

What we expect from our candidates:

  • Transparent communication
  • Tell us your reservations so we can tackle that
  • Honesty when it comes to experience or qualifications
  • We want to get to know you beyond your career
  • In the end, we know a great review goes a long way

Curious to talk about our opportunities even if you are not actually in the market for a new role? Reach out anyways, we can point you in the right direction.

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