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The paraplanning field remains largely administrative, but in recent years it has become an incredible career path and a vital part of any financial planning team. As a result, paraplanning helps advisers provide better service to their clients.

It can be challenging to hire and retain a full-time permanent paraplanner, but it is possible. Paraplanners who are qualified and experienced are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. Be more strategic about hiring and be aware of your competitors.

Train your current staff

Bring younger talent to the business and offer educational support. Another option would be to train your current advisers and financial planning talent to become excellent paraplanners. Training and development should also be promoted online as well as mentioned in job ads.

Embrace paraplanning technology

During the past few years, technology has driven the evolution of paraplanning, relieving it of the burden of administrative tasks and helping it become a driving force in the delivery of appropriate and personal advice. It s vital to position your company as a tech-friendly and modern space where everyone can use different tools to automate their workload.

Competitive benefits packages

This is a really important part. There is a lot of competition and the number of counteroffers is rising. You have to get competitive about what benefits package you choose to offer. Consider life insurance, private medical insurance or give people the option to buy holiday days.

Use specialist recruiters like us

We have placed some fantastic paraplanning candidates into progressive roles and they are still there. Finding talent and hiring people can be time-consuming, which is why working with a recruitment agency can save you both time and money. With our extensive market knowledge, we can match you with candidates who are a good match for both your business and the future of your business as well. 

Promote a people-centric culture

People value culture more than other aspects of a new job, according to our last LinkedIn poll. If you position your business correctly, you can attract a lot of top talent who are looking for more than just a key selling point. Maintain an active social media presence and build a great Glassdoor profile.