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Recruiters are job search experts who know all the tricks and have just the right amount of intuition to help you make a great connection. Moreover, they know that the job search process can be difficult and vulnerable. They can add compassion, empathy, and transparency to the process.

You will have the same goal when working with a recruiter: matching you with the right job for your experience and skills. Here are a few tips on how to work with a recruiter effectively, both for job seekers and employers:

Job Seekers

  • Keep an open mind: You should keep an open mind if you’re fortunate enough to work with a specialist recruiter: they can match your current career goals with an opportunity that meets your needs. They can sometimes recommend other career paths and roles that are suitable for you.
  • Be honest about your intentions: if you agreed with your recruiter to send your resume to employers, submitting your resume individually for the same role will look very unprofessional. Any professional relationship is built on mutual trust and respect.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk numbers: Your recruiter will act as a middleman between you and different companies, so it might be worthwhile to discuss different salary levels with your recruiter first to determine which one best fits your needs, as well as your cost of living.
  • Meet them face to face: A face-to-face meeting can help you “feel the room” and determine if you two will work well together. Recruiters have an established network that you can access if you are navigating the connection correctly.


  • Be specific: when looking to grow your team and hire new people, you must be very clear and honest about what exactly you need. Recruiters need a lot of information about a role and a clear description of responsibilities and what you offer.
  • Ask for help: they can often provide support not only for interview preparation but also with job descriptions. If your role is not very clear, they will help you polish that and use keywords that will attract the right people.
  • Fees: recruitment agencies charge a fee in exchange for your new starter. Rarely, the employee might not be a good match and you can get a refund but checking their policies is vital so you can get this out of the way and move on to the hunt for your next superstar.
  • Refer, please: if you’ve had a great experience with a recruiter, the most helpful thing you can do after paying their fee on time is to recommend them to friends, and other business owners and leave a Google or LinkedIn review for them.