At Capio Recruitment, our atmosphere is refreshingly relaxed and laid back. Unlike other offices, we pride ourselves on creating a friendly and welcoming environment where you can truly be yourself.

In the fast-paced and demanding recruitment industry, burnout is a real risk. But at Capio, we understand that you’re here because you embrace progress and thrive on challenges.

From managing counteroffers to overcoming obstacles, change is a constant companion in your recruiter journey.

While successful placements are rewarding, it’s the relationships we build with candidates and clients that truly make the job fulfilling.

We connect companies with exceptional talent and provide job seekers with exciting opportunities for growth.


Exciting news! We’re hiring ambitious individuals based in Bristol or the Southwest who crave success. Check out the roles we have available:


Insurance Southwest – HOT desk

Insurance Anglia – Warm Desk

Insurance – London market – Warm Desk

Legal / Northwest – HOT Desk

Legal – East & West Midlands – Warm Desk

Wealth – Midlands – HOT Desk


…and there’s more! Just get in touch with us and send us your updated CV. We’re even considering writing a blog post on “What We Want to See in a Recruiter’s Resume,” so let us know if you’d like to read it!


Mapping Out Your Progression

Did you know that you can find our Big Biller Map and Entrepreneurship Map on our “Join the Team” page? At Capio Recruitment, we believe in transparency when it comes to your career progression. Our directors have been in your shoes, and they understand that the path to the top is paved step by step, with the right plan in place. Each member of our team at Capio has a personalised progression plan to guide them to the next level, and they even know how long it may take. If you’re eager to reach a senior role within our company, we can’t wait to hear from you.


Culture and Wellbeing

Right from the beginning, Capio Recruitment set out to be different. We carefully select team members based on their exceptional personalities, emotional intelligence, desire for growth and learning, sense of humour, and out-of-the-box thinking. We believe in bonding as a team, enjoying activities together, exploring new places, and fostering an environment where vulnerability is encouraged. To us, it’s crucial to truly get to know YOU.


Training and Support

Welcome to the Capio Academy! Our academy is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in recruitment. With four phases to guide your learning journey, our leadership team provides equal support at every step:

Phase 1: Resourcing and candidate qualification (90)

Phase 2: Recruitment process management (180)

Phase 3: Job qualification and negotiations

Phase 4: Client development

Are you ready to learn the art of recruitment the right way?


Are You the Perfect Fit?

We are searching for exceptional individuals falling into the following categories:

Juniors: Are you curious about recruitment but hesitant to take the plunge? Do you possess a strong desire to build a career in recruitment, knowing that it’s the perfect industry for you, but you need guidance to kick-start your journey? If you bring a positive attitude, we bring the rest.


Mid-level: If you’ve been working as a recruiter for anywhere from 6 months an onwards, you may find yourself yearning for the progression you’ve always dreamed of. We understand that feeling of being stuck and wanting to break free from limitations.

For those seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience, we know that the risk of setting up your own operation is not your cup of tea. That’s where Capio Recruitment comes in to offer you the perfect solution. Join us, and you’ll have access to the infrastructure, unwavering support, and invaluable learning opportunities needed to establish and develop your very own division within our thriving organization.


Here’s how you can get in touch with us:


Contact Chris Birtle, our Head of People and check out his LinkedIn here:

Send your CV to

Come say Hi to our HQ for a Rave Coffee and find us on Google Maps.

Be bold and call us to ask more questions at 0117 248 2800