Recruiter Spotlight


We’re getting to know Abi Price, a brilliant recruiter on the Financial Services desk. Having previously worked in our target industry, Abi has a deeper understanding of the market. Please contact Abi if you are looking for a job and wish to speak with a specialist who can explain how the process works from the other side.


T: 0117 233 8066

How long you’ve been working here and what do you do on the financial services desk?

I have been here 6 months and I am a Recruitment Consultant on the Financial Services desk specialising in the Southeast region.

What part of your role is your favourite part?

My favourite part must be bringing on new clients and building those valuable relationships with my clients. I like starting from fresh, following each step to become a trusted consultant they choose to work with.

What is your background? Have you worked in recruitment before?

I worked in an IFA practice before. I was an IFA administrator and Mortgage Paraplanner, and I’ve got some industry qualifications that help me understand the roles, client needs, and candidate needs must better.

How would you describe the market right now from a recruiter’s perspective?

There is a lack of candidates who are actively looking at new opportunities, but this is the best time for them to take a look at what’s out there because we work with great clients who are offering great packages in such a tough market.

What skills help you every day to succeed in your role?

Communication, problem-solving, empathy, and time management. Oh, and my dog with cuddles after work.

Have you got any work-life balance tips for anyone working in recruitment?

Use your working-from-home days because it cuts down on commute times and I end up getting much more work done so use your hybrid working and remember to take short breaks. 

What would you advise someone completely new to recruitment that wants to start with Capio?

Don’t stress out too early it takes everyone some time to get used to everything. Recruitment will put you through waves so stick to it until it gets better. The highs will outweigh the lows, there is no better feeling than bringing on a new client or placing someone in a new role!

What are candidates looking for now?

Hybrid working or fully remote roles. More competitive benefits packages and a culture where they can see themselves fitting in.

What are employers doing to keep up with a candidate-led market?

I’ve got clients who have changed their working structure to four days week which is a massive benefit. They review their benefits packages and salary packages to compete in this market and attract the best of the best.

Have you got any career goals for 2023? What are they?

I want to become a Senior recruitment consultant on the FS desk and get more involved in some management in the future.

What hobbies and passions do you have outside work?

I like taking my dog for walks in the countryside and going to Cornwall but also shopping.

Tell us something about you that we don’t know.

I was scouted by Gloucester Girls and had professional golf lessons as I used to play as a junior in competitions. I also competed in cheerleading and gymnastics and once upon a time had a six-pack.. as I got older I became more of a foodie and gave it all up!