Recruiter Spotlight


Eloise is one of our Financial Services Recruitment Consultants with plenty of experience and passion for her role.

Monthly spotlights offer an inside look into our consultants’ lives, our culture, and market trends.

How long you’ve been working here and what do you do on the financial services desk?

I have been here for 9 months and I specifically recruit IFA Administrators, Paraplanners and Financial Advisors within London and the South.

What part of your role is your favourite?

The feeling of companies choosing to trust me and building relationships with them. I have a smaller pool of clients, but they choose me for everything. Being a trusted partner to my clients is my favourite part of my role.

What is your background? Have you worked in recruitment before?

When I left college, I was a trainee optician and I loved it.  Later, I just needed a change and fell into recruitment. I heard some good things and worked in recruitment before my role with Capio. I’ve been in recruitment since I was 19.

How would you describe the market right now from a recruiter’s perspective?

I would say its very candidate driven at the moment and there are plenty of jobs but less suitable candidates. There’s a massive rise in counteroffers because firms are starting to see the value in their staff. Firms are focusing on retention more than ever.

What skills help you every day to succeed in your role?

I am a very caring person. I always try to put everyone’s interest at heart first. I really take the time to understand a candidate’s needs. I am also quite young, so I have a fresher approach to recruitment and relationships with my clients and candidates. I’ve been told I bring a new perspective to the table.

Have you got any work-life balance tips for anyone working in recruitment?

I am the person who will cancel her own birthday dinner to call a candidate. My job is a priority but for a work-life balance, I would say, take your holiday! I always have a holiday after two months. For example, end of February I am going to Milan to reset.

What would you advise someone completely new to recruitment that wants to start with Capio?

Utilise your training and your support because the amount of experience between all the seniors is very valuable. The best people to learn from are the people sitting next to you and everybody here is passionate about the level of service they offer to clients and candidates.


What are candidates looking for now?

I find that progression and flexible working outweigh the salary! Since Covid, people don’t just want but NEED flexible working arrangements. They want the freedom and trust to work on a flexible basis. The encouragement of home working from firms is very important. They would rather choose a company that lets them work from home.

What are employers doing to keep up with a candidate-led market?

In interviews is less about the specific experience but more about what the candidate likes from previous roles and where they want their career to go. Companies will often ask candidates what they want from a new manager. Firms in FS are moulding the role around the candidate.

Have you got any career goals for 2023? What are they?

I’ve got my sight set on being a manager one day and this year I want to focus on my role but also on my health. I feel like a valued member of the team, and I want to just progress into a management role.

What hobbies and passions do you have outside work?

Travelling a lot. I am going either somewhere in the UK or abroad. I’ve been to Switzerland, Africa Austria, and Saudi Arabia. That’s it. I work and save up to go travelling.

Tell us something about you that we don’t know.

I’m a big Ice Hockey fan! My team is Bristol Pitbull’s, if you haven’t been to an Ice Hockey game before you are definitely missing out as the atmosphere is better than any other sport! I regularly spend my Saturday nights wrapping up warm, going to a game and having a few drinks with my family!