How long have you been with Capio and what do you do there?


I’ve been at Capio for 8 months now – passed probation early and I’m a Recruitment Consultant specialising in all areas of legal recruiting.


What do you like the most about working at Capio?


I like how active everyone is and especially the culture. Playing ping pong is one of my favourite things to do at lunch, I’ve built up a good few rivalries!

I like the people I’m surrounded by and recruiting in the legal field. I discovered a new interest in this industry and I want to learn more and more about it.


What truly motivates you in your career?


Speaking to interesting people and the satisfaction of building relationships with clients and job seekers. I love creating opportunities that weren’t there before.


What do you advise someone who wants to be a recruiter at Capio?


If you are someone who’s never worked in recruitment before, prepare to absorb everything like a sponge. You need to learn how to overcome rejection. I personally believe, if you come from retail sales, you would be great for recruitment.

Having a competitive spirit is important here because we have regular tournaments. Oh, and get ready to gain a few pounds because we all have snack drawers.


What helps you find the right talent for your clients?


Speaking with clients as much as possible. Whether that be teams, zoom or a quick call, if you know exactly what the hiring managers are looking for then you have 2 outcomes: You find the right person and it’s a smooth process, or you go back to the client and consult them on challenges and the current market- honesty is key, and communication goes a long way.


What are the biggest challenges in your role?


Keeping a day-day cycle. I find there are so many things randomly popping up through the day, that I do find myself getting sidetracked at the best of times. However I always have copious amounts of day planners and notes in front of me to steer me back on course!




What interests you the most about the legal industry?


I am always interested in learning how niche and broad lawyers’ expertise can be. I managed to build relationships with some amazing lawyers. I like hearing their stories and more about their workload.


How can you describe the current market?


The current market is very fast-paced. Trends change week by week so acting fast is crucial to the hiring process. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a notice period to be handed in before you start recruiting. Stagnating can lead to losses. (don’t change this answer as its perfect)


What are candidates looking for in their dream career at the moment?


Most candidates are looking for more flexibility from a salary point of view or even just understanding from employers on matters like work-life balance and personal life changes. People want security but their mental health is priority.


How is the atmosphere on the legal desk?


We are never short of a laugh on the desk, there’s always a reason to smile but we do eat a lot of chocolate. Currently seeking sponsorship from Kinder and Cadbury.


Tell us something about you that we don’t know.


I went for an audition for Britani’s Got Talent. I waited for 10 hours and sang with my friend at the time the song “Patience” by Take That and did not go through but got half a day off school. A win is a win.


What do you like to do outside of work/hobbies?


I like making music with a couple of my work colleagues, cooking, and watching Tottenham Hotspur…which is usually the most stressful part of my week. Badminton and squash are also up there with my favourite things to do. Clearing up after my cat takes a lot of my free time as well.

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