Recruiter Spotlight


This spotlight series introduces you to Sam Black, a financial services recruiter. We highlight our recruiters in order to give you a deeper insight into our culture and learn more about us. If you will be working closely with our recruiters, why not find out some juicy details about them?

Can you describe your journey at Capio so far and how long you have been here?

I’ve been here just a little over a year now. When you don’t have experience in recruitment, it’s a challenge, but I’ve really grown into it over time. We have a great team on the Financial Services desk.

What truly motivates you in your career?

My motivation comes from being able to assist people in finding jobs, but I’m also motivated by others around me.

I enjoy working in a team and being part of a business. It is exciting to see where a new company goes. I joined Capio in their beginnings and we’ve grown so fast, it’s exciting to see.

What would you say your strongest skills are?

Building relationships with clients and candidates, being empathetic, and understanding their needs. I am good at taking the time to understand the requirements of the clients so I can match these with the right candidates.

How can you describe the culture at Capio?

Very inclusive, welcoming, and fun. No day is the same and there is not much pressure so everyone naturally does their jobs because they are motivated by the company’s success and their own growth.

What do you advise someone who wants to be a recruiter at Capio?

I think you have to jump into recruitment head first and be confident.

Stepping out of your comfort zone may be difficult, but just begin and see where it goes. You can have a bad start or a good one, but if you do the right things, you will achieve great success.

What part of the recruitment process do you find the most challenging?

It’s never easy to deliver bad news, especially if someone really wants the job, but honesty is the key here. It is very important to phrase it in a way that will not crush their confidence, but also maintain your honesty.

What do you find interesting in the financial services industry?

I find it interesting as a day-to-day topic as well because you learn a lot about financial planning and this is a life skill. They don’t teach you anywhere else about pensions or investments but as a young person, I did learn a lot more while recruiting for this industry.

What is a recent hiring trend in financial planning recruitment?

Many companies offer exam support, such as the level 4 diploma in financial advice, but a lot of paraplanners are doing it now, and it boosts the salary range. Study days are often offered by some companies, which can be very helpful to the company as well as job seekers.

What are employers looking for the most right now?

There are definitely a lot of qualifications required for financial planning seniors, but the market is still candidate-driven, so companies must compete with one another, which is why they must offer more opportunities.

What are candidates looking for now in the current market?

It’s all about progression and establishing long-term careers. Lots of job seekers are looking for flexibility, a level of comfort, and work-life balance.

What is your current career goal?

I want to achieve as much as I can here at Capio, get a few more promotions, become a Senior and manage my own team in the company one day.

Give us one tip for a smooth work-life balance.

Try and allow time to shut off. I admit its easy to take the work with you home but when you do have annual leave switch off completely. There is no point in shutting off half and half.

What do you like to do outside of work/hobbies? 

I like golf, I am not very good, but I keep up with it. I play in the local football team and I enjoy catching up with friends in the city.

Tell us something about you that we don’t know.

I know how to sing Hero by Enrique Iglesias in Spanish… my colleagues think it’s quite impressive.