Recruiter Spotlight


Our monthly Recruiter Spotlight is here – curious to learn more about us? This time, we meet Camila, a dedicated Legal Recruiter, who passed her probation with flying colors. She had some great success in her role and built some great relationships with her candidates and clients. In her spotlight, you will get to know her better and find out some tips from a busy Legal Recruiter.

Contact Camila for some brilliant roles in IP, Commercial, Corporate, Real Estate, and Tax Law 

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What do you do at Capio and how long you been here?

I’ve been here for 5 months and passed my probation early when I reached my promotion target faster than I thought. I came in the role with some recruitment experience but the training at Capio really helped me level up my skillset. I am a Legal Recruitment Consultant specialised in IP, Corporate, Commercial Real estate, and Tax also expanding our IP desk at the moment.

What do you like the most about working here?

I think it’s a very good environment because everyone is supportive and we have fun together while also working hard.We always put a smile on each other’s faces mostly Cristina she is the best ever.

What do you like the most about the role itself?

I like speaking to different candidates, and understanding what they are looking for and why – it’s very rewarding. Speaking to clients really offers me a closer look into their firm. The customer service side of the role I really do enjoy, just talking to people.

What are the current challenges in legal recruitment?

Shortage of candidates in niche areas like intellectual property, there s a lot of jobs available so candidates can be very picky, they are more likely to change their mind, you have to keep up with the market and stay relevant. Firms are making counteroffers to keep their staff working.

We know you are qualified as a lawyer – do you think that helps you do recruitment for law firms better?

For sure – my qualification helps me understand what each solicitor does, I know the terms and at the same time it helps me speak to clients because it’s easier to understand their needs, I can see what motivates them and how to match their expectations.

What is your strongest suit in the legal recruitment world?

The best part is getting someone their dream job, seeing how they are getting what they were looking for, where both parties are happy. It’s nice to know that the candidate will start their job and you had a part in that achievement.

Give us one CV tip and one interview tip for legal professionals.

One CV tip – make your CV specific so give examples of recent cases

Interview tip – research the firm, who will be interviewing you get stalking on LinkedIn

What would you advise a new recruitment consultant?

First thing is to understand what exactly each lawyer does because they are many different types of solicitors and knowing their job descriptions really help, get familiar with the terms.

What are candidates looking for at the moment?

Career progression and better work-life balance. People want to have more time for their families

What changes have you noticed in client expectations?

Clients and firms are more flexible regarding hybrid working and at the same time, there’s a higher demand for more niche areas, so I’m seeing lots of clients looking for intellectual property litigation and people who have been dealing more technology or oil and gas

Tell us something about Brazil that we don’t know.

Everyone talks about the Rio Carnivals but there is a party that happens in June people only know about the carnival and that party celebrates St John’s because we are Catholics. It’s very traditional so that one is better than the actual carnival

Tell us something about you that we don’t know. What are your hobbies and the things you like to do outside of work?

I love acting in commercials and I dabble in some modeling as well.  I do events and photoshoots and that is a part of me that is supported here at Capio. I am trying to be in a movie as well one day – and I love painting in my garden or going to the gym or yoga. A fun fact is that I lived in Russia for 6 months to teach English to kids