Setting up capio


September 2nd, a.k.a. Day One… After four months away from Recruitment and a lot of hard work behind the scenes, there was an underlying feeling of apprehension. All the planning, the build-up, the time off – it was finally crunch time.  As four good friends and colleagues (Tom Webster, Joseph Connolly, Edward Holdaway and Joseph Cowell), we were about to launch our own business and take one giant step out of our comfort zones. Capio Recruitment was about to become a reality. Even though a lot of planning and preparation took place prior to our September 2nd launch, along with children across the UK it felt like our very own ‘back to school’ day! I sat at my computer thinking, ‘what happens now’? A momentary blind panic of ‘have I forgotten how to do my job?’, ‘where should I start?’, ‘what if I speak to a client or candidate and cannot provide them with the service I have been so proud of?’.
I took a breath, made a few phone calls, and the awkwardness of being the first person on the phone, a ‘newbie’ again, quickly faded away. Thankfully it was replaced with excitement – ‘there are no limits!’, ‘I can achieve great things!’. The freedom I felt was exhilarating.  Yet it did dawn on me that we were no longer ‘employees’; we were business owners. We have to create, design and maintain everything, and what a task it was going to be! I’ll admit this realisation of what my previous job involved and of having to do absolutely everything was slightly overwhelming. I went home nervous about the challenge which lay ahead, the enormity of the administrative and operational tasks – to create the business we had conceptualised, so substantial in our heads, but not yet anything in reality! Much like working from home, working for yourself is an interesting dynamic. Sure, you are your own boss and you’re not going to tell yourself off for being ten minutes late, but you might well surprise yourself and give yourself that same disappointed look. The expectations are even higher now! I took the evening to unwind and did some meditation. A new calm feeling visited me and instead of focusing on the task, I decided to get excited about the future and focus my efforts in a constructive way – on smaller day-to-day jobs and on breaking things down into manageable tasks. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, ‘it takes many bricks to make a wall’ and all that stuff!
Setting up as we mean to go on… Recruitment can be energy sapping when you pour so much of what you have into what you do. Striking the elusive ‘work/life balance’ is a challenge. We set out our stall early – we will work hard, be professional and motivated, but in a way which doesn’t lead to burn-out, and which doesn’t mean we have no life outside the office. We want to work hard, being both business owner and recruitment consultant and getting everything done on time and to the highest of standards, but we soon realised that we needed breaks! We’ve spied a local CrossFit Gym five minutes’ drive from our office – great find! Breaking up the day to clear our heads of work and get some exercise is a winner – it allows a sort of smugness around the whole ‘work hard, play hard’ thing! Yes, I’m ‘that guy’. The beauty of designing your own workspace? You can make it work for you! All being table tennis fans, this was an easy decision! Anyone fancy a game? There’s some ‘healthy’ (ruthless) competition and some seriously entertaining (not for the loser) doubles games. It gets serious quick
Picking our own hours and being kind to ourselves with healthy diet and exercise is core to maintaining the balance, and having the support of good friends / colleagues is making all the difference. This approach, keeping us energised and determined, is what sets us apart from other Recruitment Consultants and makes us an agency worth partnering with. With just over two months under our belts we are so proud of the way the Capio is developing, and the journey so far. We have started working for some amazing clients, and had fantastic feedback from the clients and candidates we’ve partnered with. We could not be happier with the difficult decision we made as a four, to leave our employer and give this a go, a real shot, making our dream a reality. The road will no doubt be filled with highs and lows, but as a four we have decided to embrace all the journey throws at us and pay homage to all those who’ve helped us along the way. Capio Recruitment is about bringing an honest approach to recruitment, with hard-working and experienced consultants who will deliver a dependable, director-led recruitment experience with industry-leading results. Head to our website to see our four promises. Like the sound of what we stand for? Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.