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Companies are no longer able to attract talent with “corner offices and excellent salaries”.

A lot of law firms have increased salaries and bonuses to try and keep up with the fast-changing industry and manage employee expectations. To stay competitive in this market, firms will eventually make deeper changes and improve the general working environment.

Here are some current recruitment challenges in the legal world and their solutions:

Lack of young talent

Recruiting in such a competitive industry is always challenging, but higher rates of youth unemployment have led to a decreased interest in law firms. According to a study by the ABA, nearly half (43%) of lawyers are over 50 and the number of law school applicants has fallen by more than 40% since 2007, so it is no surprise that lawyers are worried about where future attorneys will come from.

Solution: The solution lies in your company’s brand and identity. Make it clear to young talent that your company is open to hiring them and discuss the training and development you offer. The time has come for you to cheer on your own company and shout about flexibility, diversity, and technology on social media.

The ghosting phenomenon

Candidates may ghost instead of formally withdrawing if they’re not excited about your company or the position they’ve applied for. Personal circumstances may change, such as relocating or encountering personal obstacles, or professional circumstances may change, such as being promoted or having changed career paths.

Solution: Write your job ads well and clearly. Communication is the best way for candidates to build positive rapport with their team. If you are working with a recruiter, focus on providing clear feedback and maintaining some form of relationship.

A slow hiring process

Poor hiring processes can be a deadly mistake for your company. These processes can lead to candidates losing interest, and finding other companies that fast-track their applications and make decisions faster than yours. 

Have you considered asking for feedback after interviews and not only giving feedback? As early as possible in the application process, make sure candidates have access to all the information they need regarding their applications. By doing this, they will feel more involved in the application process, and any confusion will be alleviated 

Solution: Create an engaging interview process that you can use in the future to attract talent. With fewer stages, you are saving time and keeping the candidate interested. Provide feedback in a timely manner for all candidates interviewed and keep in mind the competition.