Unveiling Our New Identity: The Importance of Employer Branding in Today’s Competitive Market

We’re thrilled to unveil our new identity to the world. Our new logo, messaging, and overall brand personality reflect our company’s values, goals, and vision. We’re now more modern, dynamic, and innovative than ever before. Our new brand identity is a true representation of who we are and where we’re headed.


Why Rebrand?

Rebranding is not a decision that can be made overnight. It requires a lot of research, analysis, and planning. At our company, we realised that our old brand identity no longer resonated with our target audience. Our previous logo, messaging, and overall brand personality didn’t align with our values, goals, and vision anymore. It was time for a change.


Importance of Employer Branding

Employer branding is the process of creating a company’s reputation as an employer. It involves everything from your company culture, values, and vision to your employee benefits, policies, and practices. A strong employer brand can attract and retain top talent, boost employee engagement, and increase productivity.

In today’s competitive landscape, having a strong employer brand is more critical than ever. The job market is highly competitive, and top talent has many options. A company with a strong employer brand has a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.


What our people say about our rebrand?

“The look and feel of the rebrand is an amazing representation of Capio, where we are now and the exciting future that lies ahead. As professional services specialists, it was important the brand felt modern but also maintained the professional side that resonates with candidates and clients operating in our core markets – insurance, legal and wealth management. Personally, I just think it’s hit the nail on the head!”


Chris Birtle, Director & Head of People

I think our new colours and messaging represent every person working at Capio. Bright, exciting, respectful and professional. These words describe every consultant, leader and member of the team here at Capio. I am super happy with these results and glad we chose Halt as our creative agency to help us rebrand.”


Cristina Dragan, Marketing Executive

“I absolutely love our new brand.The website is looking very good, professional, fun to scroll through and easy to look for any information. Everything looks refreshed and it’s a new exciting beginning for the company.”



Katie Poniatowska, Senior Business Ops & HR admin

“I love the new rebrand. The divisons at Capio are clearly defined with their own colour scheme and the whole look is a lot more in line with where we are as a business. It represents our ambition to become the best recruitment agency within the markets in which we compete.”


Tom Webster, Director & Head of Insurance