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Inclusive hiring is one of the best ways to create an efficient and caring workplace. Diversity and inclusion are inseparable. Diversity efforts cannot succeed without inclusion in the workplace. Creating an inclusive environment can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as staff and leadership education, communicating effectively and listening effectively, and embracing employees’ full authenticity.

  • Write inclusive job ads
  • Make shortlisting fair
  • Prepare for an inclusive interview
  • Advertise inclusively

Write inclusive job ads

  • Use gender-neutral language whenever possible, such as “employees” instead of “men and women.”
  • Avoid using gendered pronouns like “he” or “she,” unless you’re applying to a specific gender.
  • Avoid making assumptions about the gender of your applicants (e.g., advertising for a female store manager). If you know who your ideal candidate is, mention it in the ad itself.

Make shortlisting fair

  • In order to make sure that you don’t inadvertently discriminate against any applicants, it’s important to create a fair and objective process for selecting candidates for your shortlist. Here are some tips for doing so:
  • Consider what qualities are most important for the position, and create job criteria based on those qualities. This will help ensure that you don’t accidentally select candidates who don’t meet those criteria.
  • Use multiple interviewers who have different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences with the position. This will allow for a more diverse perspective when making decisions about who should be selected for your shortlist.

Make your interviews more inclusive

  • Make sure you’re asking questions that allow candidates to show off their skills and experience rather than simply telling them about themselves. For example: “Tell me about a time when…” rather than “Tell me about yourself.”
  • When conducting phone screens or Skype interviews, make sure there’s clear communication between all parties involved so that no one feels rushed or interrupted during their responses; this includes ensuring that everyone understands what they’re supposed to say (and when), as well as how long they have before they need to respond again (if at all).

Advertise wisely and INCLUSIVELY

  • You’re probably already advertising your jobs in the usual places, like large recruitment websites and LinkedIn. But there are other ways to get the word out—and they don’t have to cost you anything!
  • You could promote your job ads via promoted social media posts, or through the various networking groups and membership societies that work with under-represented groups.